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Quality Statement

At Midwest Socket Screw Products we believe
that quality service in the sale and delivery of our
products can only be achieved through total
dedication, commitment and experience.

With these convictions our orders are filled,
handled and shipped with complete consideration
of our customers's needs while assuring
efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

With each of us demonstrating these philosophies,
dedication and commitment. Midwest Socket
Screw products will continue to be a very
prominent force in the industry.

Midwest Socket Screw Products, Inc.
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Our Products include:

socket head cap screws - standard 1960 series and 1936 series
flat head socket screws
button head socket screws
low head socket screws
socket shoulder screws
socket set screws - all points
dowel pins
pull dowel pins
socket pipe plugs - dry seal and flush
hex keys - long arm and short arm
large variety of screws, bolts, nuts, washers, fasteners - inch and metric

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    and bolts Midwest Socket Screw Products metric set screws socket screws socket set screws hex wrenches pipe plugs metal locknuts low heads